Championship Points Standings

After Hot Rod Nationals

1.Dewayne Sanders410
2.Kacee Pitts406
3.Marc Pruett369
4.Paul New354
5.Peter Farrell353
6.Ralph Fox285
7.Steve Faller270
8.Nick Pruett270
9.Steve Marcus186
10.Todd Ellingson174
11.Bob Rude163
12.Steve Cluck137
13.Aaron Faller130
14.Ray Hadford117
15.Pat Curtis111
16.Roy Ranquist83
17.Mark Sundstrom73
18.George Moore72
19.Frank Miller61
20.Jay Kinnee54
21.Spud Miller36
22.Mike OConnor30

Pro Nostalgia Shoot-out Points
Determines top qualifying performers for year-end invitational (Top EIGHT and TWO alternates)

1.Dewayne Sanders775
2.Kacee Pitts735
3.Paul New615
4.Ralph Fox525
5.Todd Ellingson525
6.Peter Farrell510
7.Steve Faller480
8.Nick Pruett475
9.Marc Pruett365
10.Aaron Faller290
11.Steve Cluck265
12.Steve Marcus250
13.Bob Rude220
14.Ray Hadford165
15.Spud Miller155
16.Jay Kinnee135
17.Mark Sundstrom130
18.Roy Ranquist130
19.Pat Curtis95
20.Frank Miller90

For an explanation of the points system, please see: Class Format

Rick New

Photo: nwdragracing.com